Kodak Crystal Eagle Award
Bradley E. Clift, The Hartford Courant

selected from the story "Faces of Addiction"



Otis seals a five dollar bag of grass with his mouth. After smoking all afternoon in his club house, he was "buggin," he said. Just itching to get back on the street, hang with his friends, and make a dollar more, he said.













"Morning wakeup"

Darlene pulls down her pants first thing in the morning to take her "wake-up call." Her bruised and scarred body is testament to the lengths addicts go to destroy themselves once under the influence. She is HIV positive and sells sex nightly on the street corner often not using a condom.











Behind an elementary school in New Haven, two boys in their early teens meet almost nightly to share a joint, a la "shotgun" to get a quicker, more intense high.