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Daniel Kovalovszky Freelance
"Shooting Stars Home"

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There is a special institution in Hungary, a home for artists. Old people who once were the favorites of theatergoers in Hungary for decades, live here. The Arpad Odry Home for Artists was founded in 1950 by Hilda Gobbi, one of the most important personalities in the Hungarian history of theatre, with the support of the artistic community. Today it functions as a business organization, trying to preserve the underlying idea and concept all the same. Hilda Gobbi has not only thought of actors but of all theatre employees when she founded the first Home in Magyar Street. Ticket collectors, dressers, technical personnel, musicians, they were all eligible for moving in. When the initial location proved to be too small, the present Lendvay Street (Hungary) building was selected. With the aid of the technical personnel of the National Theatre, it has been renovated to its present, beautiful state that it preserves even today. Gyorgy Breiner turned 84 this year. He worked at the Hungarian Film Factory for 34 years, mainly in the news and documentary section. He had been married but lost his wife 8 years ago. He has been living in the Home for 7 months with his partner.


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