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Brant Ward The San Francisco Chronicle
"No Place For a Lady"

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"Patti's Tough Night" Patti Mendez says she was bruised from taking a fall the night before, but her husband has been arrested previously for beating her up on the streets. She manages a small smile while at her encampment on Market Street in San Francisco.

Summary: Beneath the civility of the modern American city lies a portion of the population lost in despair: the homeless women. They are the mothers, the daughters and sisters who struggle for their dignity. Heroin, crack cocaine, mental illness and lost love are their companions. In San Francisco, where the cost of living is outlandish, some outreach workers say the numbers of homeless women are actually increasing. Although they may find temporary shelter, many end up back outside. These are the lives of a dozen women who call San Francisco streets their home, an unspeakable life in one of the most civilized cities in the world.



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