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Elizabeth Dalziel The Associated Press
"Untitled Story"

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A Plastic surgeon looks at an eyelid surgery procedure done on a young inner Mongolian immigrant in Beijing, China Oct. 26, 2005. An Estimated one million Chinese people per year flocking to plastic surgery as a way to boost their confidence as expendable incomes grow. Fueling the trend is a desire to compete in a rapidly changing society where image and first impressions count and social stigmas on buying perfection are few. A few decades ago, a Chinese woman could have been denounced and maybe even beaten for wearing lipstick, much less undergoing surgery to improve their looks. In the 1960s and 1970s, the closest thing to a Chinese beauty ideal was Liu Hulan, a robust 15-year-old country girl with a practical bob and not a trace of makeup who was decapitated by the Nationalists when she refused to name her fellow Communists in 1947.


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